After Laser Skin Resurfacing

Skin Care

The skin that has been lasered is thin and needs to be treated delicately. You may wash, bathe, or shower normally and gently massage the areas treated. You may use a mild, non-irritating soap. Be careful to avoid scrubbing the treated area so as not to rub off the new skin which is forming. If you see a spot of bleeding, do not be alarmed; just massage that area more gently. Pat dry with a clean towel.

Keep all the treated areas of your face completely covered with Catrix or Aquaphor at all times. Apply at least four times a day.

Do not allow scabs, dead skin or crusts to form. You can accomplish this by making a mixture of one tablespoon of the cold white vinegar and one cup of cool tap water. Soak the cotton gauze in the mixture and then apply to the face for 10-15 minutes. Do this four times a day. Taking your pain medication one hour before cleaning your face will keep you more comfortable

You may then gently rinse your face with cool tap water and pat dry with a clean towel. Do not scrub.

Keep the ice packs on your face as much as possible the first night and the next day. You may cover your face with a fresh sheet of plastic wrap to keep the ice packs from getting covered, be sure to cut holes for your mouth and nose.

You will be seen frequently in our office for the first week until you feel comfortable with your wound care

Do not apply any medication, makeup, creams, moisturizers, or any other product to your skin without asking Dr. Cohen first.

Resting and Sleeping Position

Elevate your head and back using several pillows. It is important to do so for one week after your surgery.


NO swimming, gym, or strenuous activities for one week. Then mild to moderate physical exercise is permitted, but heavy perspiring should be avoided for another week or two. Do not use a sauna for at least two weeks.


Do not apply makeup until the doctor has specifically given you permission. Usually light camouflage makeup can be applied on the seventh to the tenth day following laser skin resurfacing. You will be shown how to do this at our office.

Sun Exposure

The facial skin should be protected from sun exposure for at least six months. Sun exposure can cause increased redness and excessive pigmentation. In addition, sun blocking agents of SPF 25 may help to prevent further skin damage.

Hair Care

You may resume your normal routine after 72 hours.


A soft diet of easily chewable foods is recommended and can be supplemented with high protein food supplements to aid in maintaining proper nutrition.

Please Report any of the Following to the Office Immediately

Any concerns our doctor and staff are available 24/7.

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