After Face Lifts

Immediately upon arriving home

HEAD ELEVATION: Lie down with your head and back elevated with two pillows. You must sleep in this position for one week.

DRESSINGS: Do not remove bandages. These will be removed at the office on your first post surgery visit.

ICE PACKS: Place ice packs (ice in plastic baggies or packages of frozen peas) over cheek areas for 24 hours. DO NOT put ice on after 24 hours unless you are told to do so.

SWELLING/BRUISING: Ice packs will keep swelling and bruising to a minimum. Bruising often last 7-14 days.

MEDICATION: Take pain medication ONLY IF NEEDED and with food or crackers.

DIET: Upon arriving home from surgery, begin with clear liquids until fully awake then begin regular food intake with soft foods.

SUTURE CARE: Keep all sutures clean with peroxide/water solution equal parts (50/50). Keep sutures lightly covered with antibiotic ointment at all times. Clean 3-5 times per day.


MOIST HEAT: Ice packs are discontinued 24 hours after surgery. WAIT 12 HOURS – then you may BEGIN MOIST HEAT. Use a moist wash cloth between an electric moist heating pad and your face. Do not use heat continuously e.g. on for 30 min. –off for 3 mins. DO NOT set heating pad higher than MEDIUM at any time regardless of how cool it feels to you.

ACTIVITY: Stay upright as much as possible. Avoid bending over or lifting heavy objects for one week. Strenuous activities should be limited for 2-3 weeks.

WORK: Most people plan to return to work in 2 weeks. This depends upon how you feel about being seen with bruising. Most of the bruising can be masked with make-up in you prefer to return earlier.

MAKE-UP: Cosmetics may be applied on the 6th day. Ask us about special cover up products for bruising. Mint green cover stick followed by flesh tone foundation will cover most bruises.

BATHING: You may bathe but keep bandages dry. When bandages are removed, gently wash facial area.

HAIR CARE: You may wash your hair on the 3rd day after surgery. DO NOT BEND OVER to wash hair. This may cause bleeding or swelling to occur. Use medium heat on your hairdryer. High heat or hot rollers should not be used for 7-10 days. You may use color on your hair in 3 weeks.

DIET: Eat regular but soft meals. You will need your vitamins and minerals to help with healing . We will be glad to give you vitamin and mineral information.

SUN: Protect your facial skin from excessive sun exposure for one month after surgery.

Please report the following to our office:

Excessive pain or bleeding

Itching, or rash around the stitches

Temperature above 100 degrees orally

Excessive: Swelling/bruising, Fatigue/depression

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